ITAI 2017

Aus Colliseum
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The 12th International ITAI Conference
held at Hinckley Island (Friday, 23 June 2017 09:00 - Saturday, 24 June 2017 17:00)
Themes: Autonomous Vehicles and CCTV Calibration and Analysis


  • Martin Worrell (APD Communications): Bruntingthorpe Crash Test Data
  • Keith Lloyd (Continental Automotive): New UDS-AT & Up-Changes to Tachographs and Legislation
  • Richard Cuerden (TRL): The evolution of vehicle safety standards towards an autonomous future
  • Peter Vertal (Institute of Forensic Research & Education, Slovakia): Pedestrian detection by Subaru using stereo vision
  • Jacob Alexander (Thatcham): ADAS and automated driving, latest developments
  • Alan V Thomas (CAVT Ltd): Pedestrian computer simulation compared with practical forensic dummy testing
  • Carl Milton (CEMEX): LGV Safety Systems
  • James Manning (TRL): LGV peripheral visibility mapping systems
  • Stephen Jowitt (TRL): What can we expect of cycle helmets? Benefits and deficiencies
  • Steven Ramsey (Leica Geosystems): Digital reality - from data capture to delivery
  • Mark Crouch (FCIR): Use of the CCTV frame interval timer (light board)
  • Vaishnav Jethwa (JP Research India): Accuracy of calculation of vehicle speeds obtained from fixed mounted cameras
  • Wojciech Wach (Institute of Forensic Research, Krakow): Superposition of different recording frequencies; the timestamp on the CCTV footage versus real time
  • Jack Cheng (Hong Kong Government FSD): Calibration of dashboard cameras to reveal frame skipping in video recordings
  • Mark Crouch (FCIR), Stephen Cash (Metropolitan Police): Positioning techniques in CCTV analysis
  • Chris Dunn (AiTS): The use of data obtained using the Bosch crash data retrieval tool
  • Stephen Cash (Metropolitan Police): The effects of road surface technology on vehicle deceleration calculations


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Crashtest # Configuration Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2
1 Perpendicular Side Impact
2 Side Impact to Pedestrian Dummy
3 Rear Impact
4 Rear Impact to Cyclist
5 Angled Corner Impact
6 Rear Impact to Motorcycle
7 Frontal Impact
8 Rear Traffic Queue Impact
9 Rear Impact
10 Rear Traffic Queue Impact (Motorway)

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