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The aim of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators is the promotion of the free and open exchange of knowledge between those involved in the field of investigating road traffic accidents, and through this, the enhancement of expertise. As a registered charity, the Institute provides a forum for communication, education, representation and regulation in the field of traffic accident investigation.

The Institute is based in the United Kingdom but has a world-wide membership. The total number of members is about 660 (May 2006).

The Institute is committed to promoting a professional approach to traffic accident investigation by encouraging honesty and integrity among investigators. This is enforced through a disciplinary procedure, administered by a Discipline Panel, in order to ensure the highest levels of professionalism among the membership.

The Institute aims to represent the interests of the profession in a collective way by arranging field days, lectures, seminars and other educational forums. A journal, called Impact, is published three times a years, and a large conference is held every two years. In 2005 the conference was held in Dunblane, Scotland. The 2007 conference will be held to the north of London with easy access from London Stansted airport.

Details of conferences and other activities may be found on the Institute's website. This includes information on the papers given at previous conferences and how they may be obtained.


Das Institute of traffic Accident Investigators wurde Anfang der 1990er Jahre unter Federführung von Richard Lambourn gegründet. (Ein Accident Investigator ist ein speziell für die Unfallaufnahme geschulter Polizist.) Das ITAI veranstaltet regelmäßige Weiterbildungen für seine ca. 700 Mitglieder. Haupt-Event ist die im zweijährlichen Rhythmus organisierte ITAI International Conference, zu der jeweils auch etliche Teilnehmer aus dem Commonwealth-Staaten und aus den USA anreisen.


The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators
Column House
London Road

fon: +44 (0)8456 21 20 66
fax: +44(0)8456 21 20 77


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