Moderne Fahrzeuglacke – Probleme bei der Autowäsche

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1997, pp. 347 – 352 (#12)

Interested readers have been following recent press releases made by automobile clubs, various car magazines and other press. Again the press publicizes odd court sentences and opinions without knowing the technical details of the problems which can arouse in a car wash. Users of a car wash, car wash owners, solicitors, judges as well as car wash expertes daily have to deal with such - sometimes polemic - publications.
As an official expert for damages caused by/in a car wash, I repeatingly have to deal with the question if scratches to the car polish could have been caused by the car wash. An extensive additional training as an expert for polishes, as well as a mobile laboratory, are absolutely necessary to solve the above mentioned problems. The majority of damages known to us are those done to the car polish, next to smashing of car parts and ill functioning of the car wash. Yet the percentage of damages done to cars during a car wash is very low considering the amount of car washes carried out every day. Regretfully we have to say that quite a number of car owners like to blame damages (even older ones) on the last car wash (knowingly or unknowingly). The owners of the car wash often neither have the knowledge of the kind of polishes used, nor do they know if a car can be damaged in their car wash. This is the reason why owners have problems to make a difference between entitled or unentitled claims. If the parties can can't solve the problems themselves, that last step is a settlement by law. This is where qualified experts are urgently needed. Unfortunately some of these expert opinions are made by some »colleagues« who neither have the necessary qualifications, nor experience.


Witte, G.: Moderne Fahrzeuglacke – Probleme bei der Autowäsche. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 35 (1997), pp. 347 – 352 (#12)


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