PC-Crash 9.2

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Version 9.2

Laut englischsprachiger Website des Herstellers sind in Version PC-Crash 9.2 folgende Neuerungen bzw. Verbesserungen integriert:


  • Antiroll forces added to suspension model
  • Traffic lights that change phase according to customizable sequence tables
  • Load custom multibody vehicle shapes for rollovers and pedestrian impacts
  • Render animations of the 2D window
  • Adaptive, real-time sight lines between any combination of vehicles
  • Load securement calculations
  • More functions available for scripting
  • 350 new 3D vehicles (2400+ DirectX)


  • Save and load Sequence tables from files
  • User interface enhancements, including:
    • Easier numeric point entry
    • Rectangular and polar array copy
    • Trim, champfer, filet
    • Improved layer handling
    • Easier object selection

Weitere Informationen

  • Custom multibody vehicles