Einfluß von Fahrzeugumbauten auf Verkehrssicherheit, Produkthaftung und Schadenregulierung

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1993, pp. 185 – 189 (#7/8)
1993, pp. 234 – 240 (#9)

In the paper the paragraphs of fundamental importance with regard to the licensing of vehicles and vehicle components are briefly explained and illustrated by technical examples. The wide range from the licensing and homologation of vehicles, the approval procedures for components to evaluation issues arising from modifications of vehicles is represented. In this context, the term »modification« will need to be defined more clearly. The formal and safety parameters to be considered in the evaluation are exemplified. For this purpose a matrix has been designed stating also the theoretical requirements and the motor vehicle regulations to be consulted in the testing of modified vehicles. Finally the direction in which the development of regulations seems to go is outlined. There are indications that after its amendment the approach Germany has applied so far with regard to accessory parts is likely to be adopted by EC legislation.


Schulz, W.: Einfluß von Fahrzeugumbauten auf Verkehrssicherheit, Produkthaftung und Schadenregulierung. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 31 (1993), pp. 185 – 189 (#7/8) & pp. 234 – 240 (#9)


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