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Collision Volume 13, Issue 2 (2019)

  • Michael Stogsdill: Vehicle Fire = No Electronic Data?
  • Alan Moore: Vehicle Speed From Sound
  • Annika Kortman: Crash Behaviour In A Crash Comparison: The New Biofidelic Dummy in Different Scenarios Of Accidents Involving Passenger Cars And Pedestrians
  • Wesley Vandiver, Robert Anderson: Crash-ol-o-gy: Introducing Toyota Vehicle Control History
  • W. R. Rusty Haight, Robert Anderson: Toyota Gen1 EDR Event Recording Logic
  • Nathan Rose, Neal Carter, Martin Randolph, William Bortles: Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction: Incorporating EDR Data from the Struck Vehicle
  • Weston Brown, Robert Anderson: Tesla EDR Case Studies & Reconstruction Techniques
  • Shawn Harrington: Identifying Infotainment Systems for Use in Accident Reconstruction
  • Lawrence Wilson, Dr. Kevin Schrum: Guardrail Crash End Terminal Reconstruction and Analysis
  • W. R. Rusty Haight, Robert Anderson: CASE PROBLEM: Toyota Gen1 EDR Event Recording Logic
  • W. R. Rusty Haight, Robert Anderson: SOLUTION: Toyota Gen1 EDR Event Recording Logic

Collision Volume 13, Issue 1 (2019)

  • Wes Vandiver, Robert Anderson: Crash-ol-ogy
  • Wes Vandiver, Robert Anderson: Vehicle System Forensics for Crash Reconstruction
  • Adam Cybanski: Dash Camera Video Velocity Analysis
  • Edward C. Fatzinger Jr.: Power Loss Issues Related To Edr Data In 2013-2017 Kawasaki Ninja 300 And Zx-6R Motorcycles
  • Jai Singh: The Impact Of Nonlinear Boundary Geometry Considerations In Regards To Residual Damage Based Model Coefficients, Equivalent Barrier Speed And Internal Work Absorbed
  • Joseph Weadon: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Photogrammetry vs. Total Station
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn at the Wheel: ” Driver’s Early Arrival at the Scene Caused Accident?”
  • Nathan Rose, William Bortles, Neal Carter: Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction: Applicable Error Rates for Struck Vehicle EDR-Reported Delta-V
  • Craig Proctor-Parker: Documenting A High Speed, Rear End, Partial Overlap, Crash Test Of A Large Sedan & Stationary Commercial Trailer


Collision Volume 12, Issue 2 (2018)

  • Robert D Anderson, Michael Rosenfield, Russell Anderson: Electric Golf Cart and Scooter Acceleration, Hard Brake, and Stability Testing
  • Robert D Anderson: Estimated Likelihood Of Obtaining The Non-Deployment Event Of Interest And Pre-Crash Data Guide For The Toyota Gen1 Airbag Control Modules
  • Tim Austin: Revisiting Caterpillar ECMs
  • Shanon R. Burgess, William F. Messerschmidt: Forensic Methods for Dealing with Damaged ACM/ECM Components
  • Bobby J Mullinax: Reconstruction From Body Worn Camera Videos
  • Jai Singh: Residual Damage Based Accident Reconstruction: Accounting For Mismatched Residual Damage Profiles
  • Thomas Barth: A Summary of Recent NTSB Highway Crash Investigation Products
  • W. R. Rusty Haight: Crash Data Access and Authority: Consent, Court Orders, and more


Collision Volume 12, Issue 1 (2017)

  • Michael DiTallo, Brent Munyon, Thomas Green, Eric Paul, Kelley Adamson, Mike Merolli, Kevin Vosburgh, Billy Cox, Robert Anderson, David Hallman, Eric Moody, and James Whelan: Three Different Methodologies for Determining the Drag Factor for Motorcycles Sliding on Their Sides
  • Peter J. Leiss, Steven Becker and Gary Derian: Tire Friction Comparison of Three Tire Types in Warm and Near Freezing Temperatures
  • Erik Carlsson: My turn at the wheel: a dirty trick to achieve the desired result, or what?
  • Michael DiTallo, Eric Paul, Kelley Adamson, Thomas Green, Mike Merolli, Brent Munyon, Kevin Vosburgh, Billy Cox, Eric Moody, Robert Anderson, James Whelan and David Hallman: Motorcycle Center of Gravity Data: Methodology and Reference
  • Nathan Rose: Fracture Energy Calculations for Wooden Utility Poles
  • Luis Flores: Autonomous Vehicle Technology: Looking One, Five, and Fifteen Years into The Future. An Accident Reconstructionist’s Perspective
  • Thomas Green, Michael DiTallo, Eric Paul, Kelley Adamson, Mike Merolli, Brent Munyon, Kevin Vosburgh, Billy Cox, Robert Anderson, David Hallman, Eric Moody and James Whelan: 3D Laser Scanners in Crash Testing
  • Chad McFadden: Fast approach to building solid cases: laser scanning provides important benefits for investigator
  • David Hallman, Robert Anderson, Billy Cox, Kevin Vosburgh, Kelley Adamson, Thomas Green, Mike Merolli, Brent Munyon, Eric Paul, Eric Moody, James Whelan, and Michael DiTallo: Evaluation of the MIDE Slam Stick as a Low-Cost Accelerometer and Data Acquisition System for Vehicle Skid Testing


Collision Volume 11, Issue 2 (Fall 2016)

  • Nathan A. Rose, Neal Carter, and Gray Beauchamp: The Accelerations Present during the Trip Phase of a Soil-Tripped Rollover Crash – An Update
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn At The Wheel: Principal Direction of Force Real or Abstract?
  • 2106 ARC-CSI Crash Team Boot Camp: Gary Davis, Andre Doria, Michael Morris, and Randy Eldridge: Impact Speed Determination in a Head-On Crash using Bayesian Networks
  • David M. Hallman, Robert D. Anderson, Wesley Grimes, Michael DiTallo, Kenneth Salisbury and Kevin Vosburgh: Evaluation of the MIDE Slam Stick X As a Low- Cost Accelerometer and Data Acquisition System for Vehicle Crash Testing
  • Rudy Limpert, Ph.D.: Low-Speed Rear-End Crash Analysis MARC1 Use in Test Data Analysis and Crash Reconstruction
  • Robert D. Anderson, Michelle R. Hoffman, Russell L. Anderson and Michael Rosenfield: Piston-Type Bumper Isolator Compression versus Delta-V in Bumper-to-Barrier and Bumper-to-Bumper Impacts
  • Nathan Rose and Neal Carter: The Longevity of Scene Evidence from a Rollover A Case Study
  • Michael DiTallo, Thomas Green, Wes Grimes, Ken Salisbury, Brent Munyon, Tom Lawson, James Whelan, Eric Moody, Kevin Vosburgh, and Eric Paul: Motorycycle Crash Testing: Advanced Boot Camp Was Born
  • W. R. Rusty Haight: Evaluating Crash Data from late model GM vehicles

Collision Volume 11, Issue 1 (Spring 2016)

  • Nathan Rose and Neal Carter: The Accelerations Present During the Trip Phase of a Soil-Tripped Rollover Crash
  • Lissette Ruberte, Billy Cox, Jr., and Susan Lantz: The Older Lady Versus the Younger Lady: Female Occupant Kinematics in Low-speed, Rear-end Collisions
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn at the Wheel: Be Careful With What You Ask For, It Might Bite You!
  • Larry Trojak: Streamlining Accident Investigation
  • John Bruno and Richard Ruth: Using Ford EDR Pre-crash Stability Control System Data
  • Nathan Rose, Neal Carter, John Kreisher, Martin Randolph, William Neale and David Danaher: How Accurate Are Witness Distance Estimates Given in Car Lenghts?
  • Rusty Haight: Release Version History of Bosch CDR Tool Software
  • Rusty Haight: CASE STUDY: Crash Data Case Problem with Solutions


Collision Volume 10, Issue 2 (Fall 2015)

  • Collision Staff : Crash and Learn 2015
  • Adam Hyde, Joseph Manges, Mike DiTallo: A Team Approach to Crash Investigation
  • Ben Lemere: The Rest of the Story
  • Lawrence A. Wilson and Sean Haight: Kinematics of Braced, Un-braced, and Out-of-position Occupants in Low-speed Bumper-to-bumper Rear Impacts
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn at the Wheel: Don't Look Too Closely
  • Brian G McHenry: A Review of the Development and Validation of Simulation Technology for Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
  • Adam Cybanski: Traffic Camera Video Analysis Validation
  • Rusty Haight: CASE STUDY: Who Hit Whom First?

Collision Volume 10, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)

  • Tobias Achstetter, Fabian Kübler, Michael Wolf and Sean Haight: Data Mining the NHTSA NASS CDR Database
  • Jai Singh: The implications of the CRASH3 uniaxial structural response model and the nature of available collision test data in regards to work-energy relationships for oblique impacts
  • William C. Fischer: Errors and Uncertainty in Deriving Speed Estimates from Skid Tests Taken at Accident Scenes
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn At the Wheel: A DIRTY TRICK BY A LAW OF PHYSICS, OR WHAT?
  • Michael T. Vecchio: Analysis and Performance of a Booster Seated 6 Year Old HIII Anthropomorphic Test Device When Utilizing Seat Belt Cinching For Lap Slack Control
  • Jai Singh: A Method to Establish Delta-V and Collision Force in a Two-Vehicle Collinear Collision where Stiffness Data for One of the Vehicles is not Available
  • Adam Cybanski: Video-Based Accident Reconstruction of TransAsia Flight
  • Rusty Haight: CASE STUDY: Three Car, In-line Crash Analysis with CDR Data


Collision Volume 9, Issue 2 (Fall 2014)

  • Scott Kimbrough: Using Inequality Constraints in the Probability Analysis of Individual Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • David M. Hallman: Wheel Slip and its Effect on Reported Vehicle Speed
  • Clinton Marquardt: How Long Can You Stay Awake?
  • Lissette Ruberte, Susan Lantz, Robert Thompson, Michael Chan, Bobby Clemence, Greg Dycus, Mitchell Burton, Brian Chan, Terry Wong, Billy Cox: Low Velocity Piston Isolator Testing of a Ford Crown Victoria
  • C. Brian Moody, Orion P. Keifer, Bradley C. Reckamp, Wes Richardson: Vehicle Dynamics and Resultant Occupant Accelerations Caused by Vehicle Wheel Separation
  • W.R. Rusty Haight: CDR Report Data from Vehicles Subject to the GM Ignition Switch Recall with the "Epsilon" ACM
  • Oren Masory, Wade Bartlett, Bill Wright: Determination of Motorcycle Pre-Collision Speed

Collision Volume 9, Issue 1 (Spring 2014)

  • Jeffrey Suway, Anthony Cornetto, Ronny Wahba, John Swanson, Fawzi Bayan: Three Dimensional Simulation of a Crash Test Series in SIMON Utilizing A, B, C and D Stiffness Coefficients
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn At the Wheel: An Amazing Speed Computation
  • Nathan A. Rose, Neal Carter, David Pentecost: Analysis of Motorcycle and Rider Limits on a Curve
  • Dan H. Wyatt: Signs of a Wreck: How to Spot a Rolling Disaster
  • Rusty Haight, Sean Haight: Signs of a Wreck: Testing and Simulation
  • James D English: Validating Crash Data Retrieval Tool Data through Crash Testing


Collision Volume 8, Issue 2 (Fall 2013)

  • Sean Haight and Rusty Haight: Analysis of Event Data Recorder Delta-V Reporting in the IIHS Small Overlap Crash Test
  • David Hallman: Differentiating Potentially Causal Precrash Component Damage from Crash Damage
  • Mike May and Andrew Russell: Driver Distraction – Obtaining Mobile Device Digital Evidence
  • William Brem and Wayne Denham: Evidence Sometimes Overlooked During Vehicle Inspections
  • Rusty Haight, Shawn Gyorke and Sean Haight: Hyundai and Kia Crash Data: the Indispensable Compendium
  • Dawn Mutis: Bombardier Can - Am Spyder Braking and Acceleration Testing
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn at the Wheel: "Think of a Number, Then..."

Collision Volume 8, Issue 1 (Spring 2013)

  • Jai Singh: Further Developments Regarding the Dynamic Modeling of Motor Vehicle Collision Response Using the SDOF Approach
  • Rusty Haight, Shawn Gyorke, and Sean Haight: Hyundai and Kia Crash Data – A Preliminary Overview
  • Jeff Cardita: The Effect of Tinted Headlights. A Look Into the Level of Light Diminishment Headlights Experience When a Tint is Applied to the Headlight
  • Joel Salinas: Laser Scanning for Crash Reconstruction
  • Wesley Vandiver, Isaac Ikram and Bryan Randles: Validation and Use of EDR Data from a Non-CDR Supported Vehicle in a Criminal Prosecution Case
  • Adam M. Hyde and Roger W. Barrette: Investigation of Traffic Crashes Involving the Inhalation of Difluoroethane
  • David M. Little, Cst. Rob Joiner and Cpl. Stephen Hilliard: Accuracy of GPS Speed and Location Data Measured in Emergency Vehicles
  • Reader Commentary on a Previously Published Article


Collision Volume 7, Issue 2 (Fall 2012)

  • Lawrence A. Wilson and Sean H. Haight: Dynamics of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Side Impact Crash Tests
  • Richard Auty: Pilot To Determine If Using Laser Scanning Saves Time & Improves Collision Investigations
  • Erik Carlsson: My Turn At The Wheel: How To Use The Combined Speed Formula,Or Not!
  • Jeffrey Suway, Anthony Cornetto, John Swanson, Fawzi Bayan, Ronny Wahba and Alfred Cipriani: A Comparison Between A Real World Crash Test, HVE Simulation and 3D Scanning
  • Timothy Austin, William Messerschmidt, And Michael Farrell: Using & Preserving HVEDR Diagnostic Event Data
  • Oren Masory and Nicolas Putod: Determination of Impact Force and Crush Energy Using Abductive Networks
  • W. R. Rusty Haight and Sean H. Haight: Analysis And Application Of Rollover Data From Testing
  • Juan M. Herrera and Anselmo Najera G.: Determination of Vehicle Orientation at Ground Contact for Rollover Accidents
  • Ray Turner: School Bus Submergence Collision Investigation and Passenger Survivability
  • Paul T. Semones: Reconstruction Essentials for Tread Separation Accidents Involving Axle Tramp
  • James D. English, John Howell, C. Bruce Gambardella, Bob Lynn and Jeff Bangle: Crash Team Boot Camp - Crash Test Data Review
  • Daniel W. Vomhof III: FORCE-BALANCE: Application of the Tool for the Determination of Closing Speeds
  • John Howell and Mario Alfonsi: Yaw Marks: Past And Present

Collision Volume 7, Issue 1 (Spring 2012)

  • Timothy Joganich, MS, CHFP: Accident Reconstruction of an Unwitnessed Bicycle Mishap
  • Brad R. Shults: A Method for Creating Photograph Textured Planes and Camera Positions in HVE Simulations
  • Roger W. Barrette, MSE: Using the Monte Carlo Method with Crash Event Data
  • Richard R. Ruth, P.E.: Accuracy of Toyota Event Data Recorders
  • William J. Melkonian, D.A.: Becoming an Effective Expert Witness
  • Jerry S. Ogden, PE, Mathew Martonovich, EI, Zachariah Weimer, PE, Katrina M. Kloberdanz, PE: Information Analysis for the Collision Analyst
  • Ray Wangler: CDR Data from more than One Car? Fitting it all together
  • Lee DeChant and Gary Cooper: Close-Range Photogrammetry for Sight-line Obstruction Determination
  • Kent Boots: Toyota, Lexus, and Scion CDR Coverage
  • M. Branch, R. Matthew Brach, Jarrod Carter, Joseph March, Donald Parker, Chris Van Ed, and Michael Varat: Opinion: Peer Review
  • Nathan A. Rose, William T.C. Neale, Neal R. Carter: Using Data from a DriveCam Video Event Recorder to Reconstruct a Hard Braking Event


Collision Volume 6, Issue 2 (Fall 2011)

  • Brian McHenry: A Short History of Nearly Everything! ( … about McHenry and Computers in Highway Safety)
  • ARC-CSI Boot Camp Team: ARC-CSI Crash Team Boot Camp Experience and Crash Test Data Review
  • Terry D. Day: Intersection Crash Reconstruction - From Cradle to Grave
  • Daniel Melcher, Jay Przybyla, Rachel Keller, Thomas Rush: Applications of GPS Data in Collision Reconstruction
  • Lee DeChant, J Rolly Kinney: Accident Reconstruction Photogrammetry Using Zoomed Images from Digital Cameras
  • Raymond Brach: The Use of EDR Data in Vehicle Accident Reconstructions
  • Francisco Klein: Fundamentals of Highway and Roadside Design for the Accident Reconstruction Specialist
  • Bruno Schmidt, Michelle Beach: Eccentric Collisions and Post-Impact Motion - Busting a Myth
  • W.R. Rusty Haight: Crash Testing... Why Bother?
  • W.R. Rusty Haight: Peer Reviewed Papers, the SAE and Collision Magazine Mutually Exclusive Concepts?
  • Peter Bergh: My Turn At the Wheel: The Mathematics of a Bicycle Going Down an Incline

Collision Volume 6, Issue 1 (Spring 2011)

  • Sean H. Haight and Kennerly H. Digges: Vehicle and Occupant Motion in Far-Side Impacts
  • David M. Little: Extracting Collision Data from Damaged Ford Powertrain Control Modules
  • Wade Bartlett: Estimating Maximum Motorcycle Acceleration Rates
  • Charlie Greear, David Thornburg, and Lee DeChant: The Speed Triangle: Momentum, Energy and PCM Data
  • William Messerschmidt, Benjamin Smith, and Al Dunn: Applying Heavy Vehicle EDR Data in the Real World
  • Donald F. Tandy, Jr., Jason Colborn, Robert J. Pascarella, Todd D. Hoover: An Accident Reconstructionist's Primer on: Tire and Wheel Rim Marks at Crash Scenes
  • W. R. "Rusty" Haight: Using CDR System Data in Crash Reconstruction or What Does the Term "Complete Reconstruction" Really Mean?
  • Timothy J. Reust: GPS Navigation Units: Recorded Data for Use in Accident Reconstruction
  • Martin Werz and David Bliss: The Performance of Seat Backs in High Speed Rear Impacts and the Effect to the Occupant
  • Michael L. Merolli, David O. Brink, and Andrew T. Apjohn: Insurance Applications for Crash Data Retrieval: Legal Considerations in 2011
  • Gary M. Johnson: Preserving Heavy Truck Event Data


Collision Volume 5, Issue 2 (Fall 2010)

  • Juan M. Herrera And Anselmo Najera G.: Model for Analyzing Single Vehicle Rollover Accidents
  • Brad Muir And Jon Northrup: Devices For Accident Reconstruction Testing Beyond The Drag Factor
  • Robert D. Anderson: Post-Collision Speedometer Readings And Vehicle Impact Speeds
  • David A. Stopper, Phillip D. Darnell And Christopher C. Voeglie: Determining A "Best Effort" Heavy Truck Acceleration Rate Based On Time, Weight & Distance
  • Christopher J. Brignola: Light Bulb Filament Analysis From The 2010 ARC-CSI Crash Conference
  • Donald Floyd: Crash Data Collection Guide For GM Airbag Electronic Control Units
  • Bruno Schmidt: Time Development Of Delta-V Recording And PDOF During A Collision
  • Timothy J. Reust: Vehicle Navigation GPS Units Could Be The Overlooked EDR
  • Robert Miller: The Butterfly Effect Of Crash Investigations
  • Bill Davies: EDRs And Restraint Systems
  • Dustin Nolen and Gary Johnson: Reading Data From International Medium And Heavy Duty Truck Electronic Control Modules
  • Wade Bartlett and Bruno Schmidt: Cone Of Departure: A Good Idea, But Not A Law

Collision Volume 5, Issue 1 (Spring 2010)

  • H. J. Herzlich, Robert Swint, Edward Ritsch and B. Unser: Effect Of Directional Tires On Wet Traction
  • Sean Haight: Wet or Frozen ACM Access Considerations
  • Michael Merolli, David Brink, Patrick Conran, and Jasmine Garcia-Vieux: Insurance Applications for Crash Data Retrieval, Legal Considerations
  • George Hall: CDR Evidence Suppressed by Oklahoma Court
  • Rusty Haight: An Abbreviated History Of CDR Technology
  • Nathan Rose: A Variable Deceleration Rate Approach to Rollover Crash Reconstruction
  • Bruce McNally: Retrieving and Interpreting Data from Ford Powertrain Control Modules using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool
  • Greg Russell: Common Post Impact Speed Analysis
  • Chuck Veppert and David Little: EDR Module Types and Collision Data Available in CDR Supported Vehicles
  • Peter Bergh: My Turn at the Wheel


Collision Volume 4, Issue 2 (Fall 2009)

  • Dan T. Horak: Estimation of Vehicle Speed and Trajectory Based on Video from a Vehicle-Mounted Camera
  • Lenny Simpson and Greg Russell: What is 30?
  • C. Gregory Russell: Momentum - Vectoring in a New Approach
  • Brad Muir: The latest CDR System Data from GM Vehicles Update
  • Gary Johnson: Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle: Linked Brakes and Their Performance
  • Lee E. Jackson and Raymond L. Wangler: Braking Efficiencies of Motorcycles By Experienced Riders in Hard Braking Situations
  • Richard C. Rinker: My Turn At the Wheel
  • Brian Smith: Death Investigations and Their Psychological Effect on Police Officers
  • Benjamin N. Smith William F. and Ronnie E. DeMonia: Testing the Last Stop Record in the Mercedes MBE 4000
  • Bill Davies: Automobile Extrication for the Reconstructionist
  • Marc Green, Ph. D.: Perception-Reaction Time: Is Olson (& Sivak) All You Need To Know?
  • Daniel S. Peterson, P.E. and James W. Smith, P.E.: Comparison of Vehicle Measurement Techniques
  • Daniel J. Melcher, Jeffrey D. Armstrong, Jason D. Jupe, and Michael F. Bosworth: Commercial Vehicle Dynamics For Collision Reconstruction

Collision Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2009)

  • Lee DeChant: Photo Rectification Plays an Important Role for Determining Fault in a Two Vehicle Crash
  • Chuck Veppert: ACM Reprogramming
  • Gary Johnson: Signal Processing Applied to Vehicle Speed Measurement and Recording
  • Richard Ruth & Tim Reust: Accuracy of Selected 2008 Chrysler ACM EDR’s During Braking
  • Peter Bergh: Calculating Speed From Skidmarks
  • William Belisle: Ranges of Safety Provided by Safety Technologies Used For Reducing Motorcycle Crashes, Fatalities, Injuries and Loss
  • William J. Melkonian: CDR Evidence Frequently Asked Questions
  • Peter Bergh: The Mathematics of Turns, Evasive Maneuvers, Lane Changes, and Passing
  • Tim Reust, Richard Ruth, James Morgan: Using Ford PCM Data to Evaluate Deceleration Rates, Brake Time and Impact Speeds
  • Peter H. Rast: Alcohol and Vehicle Collisions - Correlation or Cause?
  • Robert Wyman: Forensic Photography and Crash Reconstruction Part 2: Solutions to Common Problems


Collision Volume 3, Issue 2 (Fall 2008)

  • David A. Templeton, Jr.: Close-Range Photogrammetry as a Routine Crash Reconstruction Tool within the Florida Highway Patrol
  • Alan K. Nagel: Vehicle Speed Sensor Calibration
  • Peter H. Rast: Centrifugal Force Is It Real?
  • Sean Haight: Basic Integral Calculus for Crash Reconstruction
  • Robert Wyman: Forensic Photography and Crash Reconstruction, Part 1: The Professional Amateur Expert Witness Photographer
  • Dr. Ray Turner: School Bus Rollovers and Passenger Compartment Ejection: Solving the Puzzle Using Video analytics
  • D. Vangi, A. Virga, L. Pinchera: Bus Braking Tests: With and Without ABS
  • Elvin Aycock: Hydroplaning: The effect of Water on the Roadway
  • Gary Lewis: CASE STUDY: Motorcycle vs. Passenger Car
  • Greg Russell and Rusty Haight: CASE STUDY: A Multifaceted Approach to Collision Analysis
  • Greg Russell: CASE STUDY: 2 in 3 Out Revisited (follow-up from Volume 1, Issue 2)

Collision Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring 2008)

  • Jai Singh, BS, MS, ACTAR, John Perry, PhD, Judson Welcher BS, MS, ACTAR: Single Point Crush Variation
  • Timothy Erhardt: Vehicle Fires and Airbag Modules
  • Brad Muir: Comparing Different Sources of CDR Data to "Real World" Crashes
  • Jai Singh, BS, MS, ACTAR, John Perry, PhD: An Alternative Formulation for Symmetric Sine Based Collision Pulse Models
  • David M. Little: Cable Options for the "CDR System Handyman"
  • Kevin Adkins: Quantifying the Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Objects During a Fall
  • Bill Wright: Reconstruction: Seeing Across the Years
  • Timothy Reust, James Morgan, Richard Ruth: The Accuracy of Speed Recorded by a Ford PCM and the Effects of Brake, Yaw and other Factors
  • Richard Ruth, Timothy Reust: Dynamic Accuracy of Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Event Data Recorders During ABS Braking
  • Wade Bartlett: Getting Data From Destroyed SDMs: Transferring EEPROMs Between Modules
  • Rusty Haight, Sean Haight: CASE STUDY: The "trampoline Effect" in Reconstruction


Collision Volume 2, Issue 2 (Fall 2007)

  • William Messerschmidt, Jon Northrup: General Motors Data Recording: A Visual Approach to the Logic Functions
  • Timothy Reust, James Morgan: Detailed Comparison of Vehicle Speed and the Speed Recorded by an SDM
  • David M. Little: Average Daily Ignition Cycles in SDM Equipped, GM Vehicles
  • David Dye: Application of Drag Coefficients to ABS related Sideslip
  • James D. English: Use of the Combined Velocity Equation In Cases Involving Post-Collision Movement
  • Bob Galvin: Vehicle Crush Measuring: Helpful For Extracting Key Details Of Crash Scenes Part II
  • Jai Singh, BS, MS, John Perry, PhD.: Implications of Symmetric Sine-Based Collision Pulse Models on Force-Deflection Characteristics: (Part 1)
  • R.J. Butler, K.C. Breen, W.R. Fischer, K.D. Bedsworth, N.R. Haupt: Using GPS based Data Acquisition in Forensic Accident Reconstruction
  • Kevin Adkins: Quantifying the Aerodynamic Forces Acting on a Vehicle and Projectile
  • Lawrence Wilson P.E., Michael Gilbert, P.E., Daniel Godrick: Reconstruction and Analysis of Steering-Induced, On-Road, Untripped SUV Rollover Tests (Part 2)
  • Jon Northrup: Effects of Sample Rates on Accelerometer Based Skid Testing and Unit Comparison
  • Charles R. Lewis: Validating Speed Analysis Calculations with Crash Test Data
  • Robert Dowd: Snowmobile Performance Data
  • Daniel Melcher, P.E., Jeffrey Armstrong, P.E.: Night-Time Pedestrian Collision Reconstruction Factors
  • Wolfram Kalthoff, M.Eng: European Accident Reconstruction by the Visual Comparison with Crash Tests
  • Rusty Haight, Brad Muir, Jon Northrup: CASE STUDY: How Do You Deal With a "Secondary Contact"?

Collision Volume 2, Issue 1 (Spring 2007)

  • Bruno Schmidt: Two-dimensional Analyses of EDR Information
  • Lee DeChant: Close Range Photogrammetry
  • Dr. Ray Turner: Compartmentalization Compromised: The Issue of School Bus Passenger Safety
  • Mark S. Erikson, P.E., Wilson C. Hayes, PhD: Damage-Based Collision Severity Reconstruction Technique
  • Raymond Brach, Matthew Brach: Analysis of Collisions: Conservation of Linear Momentum Part 1
  • Wolfram Kalthoff, Ralf Buhrmann, Eckhard Meyer: Carrying out a high-speed crash test for the Dutch police
  • Terry D. Lewis: The Future of Accident Reconstruction
  • Wade Bartlett: EDR Durability and 49CFR563 Survivability Requirements
  • Craig C. Wilkinson, Jonathan M. Lawrence, David J. King: The Accuracy of General Motors Event Data Recorders in NHTSA Crash Tests
  • Bob Galvin: Measuring Vehicle Crush ... Find the Method that Works for You
  • Lawrence Wilson, Michael Gilbert, Daniel Godrick: Reconstruction & Analysis Of Steering-induced, On-road, Untripped SUV Rollover
  • Rusty Haight: CASE STUDY


Collision Volume 1, Issue 2 (Fall 2006)

  • Greg Russell: PDOF: Principle Direction of Force
  • Timothy Reust: Deceleration Rates of Modern Passenger Vehicles During Straight Line Braking and Yaw Events
  • David Dye: Identification of Unusual Tire Marks at the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Collision
  • Gary Lewis: Motorcycle Crash Investigation: Performance Testing and Review of Previous Studies
  • Terry Day: Simulations 101: Anatomy of a Simulation
  • Jon Northrup: Pictometry in Crash Scene Mapping
  • Knott Laboratory: Making History: PhotoModeler Software Helps Knott Laboratory Reverse-engineer the Past
  • Robert Stearns: Getting Into Print As An Accident Reconstructionist
  • Lawrence Wilson, Daniel Godrick, Shaun Kildare: Vehicle Dynamic Characteristics of SUVs in On-Road, Untripped Rollover Accidents
  • Wade Bartlett, Bill Wright, David Brill: Contribution of a Laterally Displaced Vehicle to the Post-Impact Deceleration of a Heavy Truck
  • George Ripsom: My Turn at the Wheel - That's Not How I Remember It
  • Brad Muir, Rusty Haight, Dan Miles: CASE STUDY: Follow-Up from Issue One
  • Greg Russell, Rusty Haight, Brad Muir: CASE STUDY: 2 in 3 out - Analyzing the Collision

Collision Volume 1, Issue 1 (Spring 2006)

  • Timothy Reust, James Morgan: The Accuracy of Speed Recorded by an SDM and the Effects of Brake, Yaw and other Factors
  • Weston Brown: Analysis of the GM Sensing and Diagnostic Module in 360 degree Linear Momentum Collisions
  • Guy Barbera, Olof Jacobson, Bastiaan Cornelissen, Christopher Thomas, Donald Anderson: Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders Validation and Use of Data for Admission to the Court
  • Chuck Veppert: A Review of Various ACM Module Types and Data Recorded
  • William Messerschmidt: Rational Legislative and Organizational Policy for Automotive Event Data Recorders
  • George J. Hall, P.E.: Practical Aspects of Crash Data Retrieval Using the Vetronix (Bosch) System
  • Roman F. Beck, David A. Casteel, Ed Phillips, Jerry Eubanks, Doug English: Motorcycle Collinear Collisions Involving Motor Vehicles Equipped with Event Data Recorders
  • Rusty Haight, Brad Muir: CASE STUDY: Knowing What to Look For and Where to Find It