Verfahren zur Untersuchung von Überholvorgängen

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1999, pp. 157 – 164 (#6)

The paper reports on methods for accident-analytical examination of passing manoeuvres. Into the models are included drivers on ahead (V), overtake drivers (Ü) and oncoming traffic (G). One can subdivide the passing manoeuvres into the parts »leave formation«, »pass by« and »get again into the correct lane« and one can calculate it aided by the safety requirements of StVO § 5. Foundations of the development of the models are the ideas of Burckhardt, Schimmelpfenning, Recktenwald and Woschni for the passing manoeuvres. The paper describes the traditional calculation on the base of an equation system and improves it. The development of a calculation program is represented, it includes the possibilities and the limits of traditional calculations. A second method is a simulation program for the calculation of an example for the length for »get again into the correct lane«, the length for »pass by« and the essential length for the oncoming traffic. The simulations happen for a basical variant and for further variants with changing of an additional variant in each case. By the method one can test the influence of a not recordable variant on the result.


Wende, D.: Verfahren zur Untersuchung von Überholvorgängen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 37 (1999), pp. 157 – 164 (#6)


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