Transformation gemessener Anfahrkennlinien auf die Unfallbedingungen

Aus Colliseum
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1995, pp. 45 – 48 (#2)

Transformation of starting characteristic lines (determined by measuring) for the accidend conditions
Starting characteristic lines of motor vehicles determined by measuring are useful for accident-analytical investigations. However the range of validity of these characteristic lines is determined by the experimental conditions. The paper describes a method of transformation these characteristic lines into other conditions (road inclination, weigth, force in resulting from air-resistance etc.). The method based on the description the characteristic lines (determined by measurement) and the substitution by equations, on the replacement these equations into the equation of instantaneous acceleration. In addition the conversion into the instantaneous acceleration by means of the vehicle movement's force-result and by means of the integration into the wanted characteristic lines are reviewed. The computations are described by the starting characteristic lines of the motor car BMW 318i.


Wende, D.; Sänger, T.: Transformation gemessener Anfahrkennlinien auf die Unfallbedingungen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 33 (1995), pp. 45 – 48 (#2)


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