Tire Tread and Tire Track Evidence

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Bodziak, W.; Geberth, V.: Tire Tread and Tire Track Evidence, CRC Press. 1. Auflage 2008. 368 Seiten ISBN 9780849372476


Police success in linking vehicles to the scene of a crime through the impressions and tracks those vehicles leave behind has long served as a successful and reliable forensic tool. The collection and forensic evaluation of that evidence, however, requires specialized knowledge, training, and expertise.

Drawing from the author’s 34 years of experience, first as an FBI examiner and currently as a private consultant in the area of tire evidence, Tire and Tire Track Evidence: Recovery and Forensic Examination is the most comprehensive and up-to-date volume available on the subject. Covering all aspects of the field, the book begins with general information on the modern pneumatic tire and basic terminology. For both the crime scene technician and the forensic examiner, the author addresses information on both how to recover tire track evidence and how to photograph and cast the individual tread detail from those impressions.

The book explains and illustrates the necessary information on obtaining known exemplars; tire manufacturing, and retreading tires. It explains important aspects of tires including their tread design and dimension, noise treatment, general wear and individual acquired characteristics. The author instructs on applying that knowledge while conducting a structured examination procedure, resulting in the final evaluation of evidence and report writing as well as the presentation of tire evidence in court. He provides information on databases and resources along with case examples, including the Oklahoma City bombing.

Informative and useful (not as most common US-books, which are mostly nothing more as statistic), this book gives crime scene technicians and forensic examiners the tools to accurately and reliably collect, recover, and examine tire evidence.


  1. General Tire Information. (Allgemeine Informationen zu Reifen)
  2. Track Evidence. (Reifen als Beweis)
  3. Documenting and Recovering Tire Impression Evidence. (Dokumentation von Beweisen und das Finden von Reifenabdrücken)
  4. Known Exemplars of Tires for Elimination and Examination. (Bekannte (vorab untersuchte bzw. Datenbank) Reifen für den Ausschluß und die Überprüfung)
  5. Tire Manufacturing. Retreaded Tires. (Reifenherstellung, runderneuerte Reifen)
  6. Tread Design and Dimension. (Profilausführung und Profilgröße)
  7. Tire Wear. (Lauffläche des Reifens)
  8. Individual Characteristics. (Individuelle Merkmale)
  9. Examination Methodology and Procedure for Comparison of Tire Impressions. (Überprüfungsmethodik und Vorgehensweise beim Vergleich von Reifenabdrücken)
  10. Presenting Tire Evidence in Court. (Präsentation der Beweise (Reifen) im Gericht)
  11. Resources and Databases. (Quellen und Datenbanken)
  12. Case Studies. (Fallstudien)
  13. The Tire Evidence in the Oklahoma City Bombing Case. (Der Reifen als Beweis beim Bombenanschlag auf das Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City)
  14. Glossary. (Gloassar)
  15. Bibliography. (Bibliografie)
  16. Index. (Index)