Praxisgerechte Ladungssicherung von rollfähigen Gütern

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2004, pp. 113 – 118 (#5)

Practical charge safety device of rollable goods
In this presentation different charge safety devices on road vehicles are pointed out by different rollable goods. The base of shown charge safety devices is the VDI recommendation 2700 ff.
Emphasis of these examples are:

  • charge safety devices with loose wedges, which in the hole grid vehicle floor are locked
  • wedge remarks, straight – rounded; rigidly – length-adjustable
  • fastening of different cable coils
  • transporting and fastening of steel coils and cant-endangered Coils, like splitted rings, in vehicle coil troughs
  • transporting and fastening of steel coils on the smooth vehicle floor with appropriate safeguard accessories


Franz, C.: Praxisgerechte Ladungssicherung von rollfähigen Gütern. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 42 (2004), pp. 113 – 118 (#5)


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