Manuelle Vermessung bei Deformation von Fahrzeugen bei Unfallversuchen

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2001, pp. 207 – 210 (#7/8)

The determination of the 3-dimensional extent of deformations will become more important for purposes of accident reconstruction. Therefore some research is necessary to find useful possibilities to do that. One very exact way is a manual measurement in different hights. To do that, a properly device has to be constructed and to be built. In this report a measuring frame is described together with some results of application on two crash tests, staged at the 2. European Congress of Accident Reconstruction in Neumünster, Germany.
With a certain selection of measuring points a 3-dimensional pattern of the deformation can be created. That's a possible way to determine the volume of the deformed area. This deformation volume seems to become important if reconstruction programs are used which are able to calculate this volumes depending on a certain collision speed.
The deformation volume also can be determined by photogrammetric evaluation. This method was used parallel to the manual measurement with the here described measuring frame. The results of the photogrammetric evaluation can be evaluated with the data from the manual measurement. A report of the comparison of the data of both methods will be provided soon. If somebody wants to build such a measuring frame, more information is to get from the authors. Further on there is a CD from the tests at the 2. European Congress of Accident Reconstruction available.


Martinsohn, M.; Burg, H.; Burg, J.: Manuelle Vermessung bei Deformation von Fahrzeugen bei Unfallversuchen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 39 (2001), pp. 207 – 210 (#7/8)


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