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IUMPR - In-Use Monitor Performance Ratio

Parameter zur Überprüfung der Diagnosehäufigkeit


\(Ratio = Numerator / Denominator\)



  • Numerator: counts driving cycles (DCY) with the diagnostic monitor being able to find a hypothetical fault
  • Denominator: counts DCY including conditions of General Denominator and special requirements if neccessary
  • General Denominator as reference from CARB cycle

Weitere Informationen

  • Ausführliche Erläuterungen zur Definition des Verhältnisses sind in "§ 1968.2. Malfunction and Diagnostic System Requirements - 2004 and Subsequent Model-Year Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-Duty Vehicles and Engines" (Title 13. Motor Vehicles, Division 3. Air Resources Board, Chapter 1. Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Devices, Article 2. Approval of Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Devices) des California Code of Regulations (http://www.calregs.com/) nachzulesen
  • Freeze Frame
  • OBD
  • Reif, K. (Hrsg.): Ottomotor-Management - Steuerung, Regelung und Überwachung, ISBN 978-3834814166