ITAI 1999

Aus Colliseum
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4th International ITAI-Conference held at Telford – 19. – 21. November 1999

  • I Knight: Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles in the United Kingdom
  • K Lloyd: The UDS Accident Data Recorder and More
  • M Logan: A Modern Light Rail System and the Interaction with Normal Tyres Vehicles
  • W Hugemann: The Time Precise Evaluation of Tachograph Charts
  • D Hague: Determination of a Vehicle's Speed at the Start of Emergency Braking
  • N Phelps: The Effect of Age and Defective Normal Vision upon Performance on an Internet Dynamic Visual Attention Test
  • P E Forman: Highways Liability - Understanding the Issues
  • D Rowe: The Development of Roadside Impairment Testing for Drivers
  • T Foster: Trauma Involvment as a Factor in Eye-Witness Accounts
  • J Searle: Equations of Speed, Time and Distance for Vehicles under Maximum Acceleration
  • D Turner: Comparison of Measurement Methodologies for Estimation of Change in Speed from Vehicle Damage
  • J Canova: Using 3-Dimensional Simulation in Vehicle Design and Highway Safety
  • G M Bonnett: Anatomy of the Collision - Variations on a Theme
  • J Unarski & J Zebala: Analysis of the Vehicle-Pole Crash by means of EES Parameter
  • K Holloway: The Slippery Tape (Case Study)
  • S Gurnett: Seeing but not Perceiving (Two Case Studies)
  • M Langham: An Analysis of "Looked but did not See" Accidents Involving Parked Police Vehicles
  • M Weber: The Technical Proof of Faked Accidents
  • R Mill: Forensic Damage Analysis for Fraud Detection and Evidence Gathering to Prove Criminal Fraud