Ermittlung der mittleren Vollverzögerung von zweispurigen Straßenfahrzeugen

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2001, pp. 57 – 64 (#2)

ECE Regulation No. 13 and 71/320/EEC determine the minimum legal braking performance for new road vehicles at the time of type approval. The braking performance is specified in terms of stopping distance and in terms of mean fully developed deceleration (mfdd). However up to now no calculation method existed how to determine mfdd so that it will be in correlation with the stopping distance. For the first time in 98/12/EC and in the newest revision of ECE R 13 a calculation method was introduced. This method is presented in this contribution. The updated regulations concede explicitly alternative methods of measuring mfdd, too. They are explained and judged with the aid of vehicle tests. Additionally, physical fundamentals and the connection between stopping distance and mfdd are described.
In the contribution is shown that in addition to the exact solution for mfdd, certain approximations are also permissible within the required accuracy, as documented by the outdoor measurement with the vehicle.
The methods for calculating the mfdd are based on the work done by the authors in ISO/TC2, SC2 Working Groups 6 and 10.


Pflug, H.-C.; Voßkötter, G.: Ermittlung der mittleren Vollverzögerung von zweispurigen Straßenfahrzeugen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 39 (2001), pp. 57 – 64 (#2)


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