EVU 2016

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25th Annual Congress of the EVU, 20. – 22.10.2016, Bratislava, Slovakia



  • Using EDR/CDR in theory and praxis
  • Driving dynamics
  • Autonomous driving



Session 1

Session 2


Session 3

  • Burg, H.: Experience with the readout of data from the Event Data Recorder with BOSCH CDR Tool
  • Weyde, M.: Possibilities and limitation in the analysis of digital driving data for accident reconstruction
  • Spek, A. Evaluation of a common practice - to calculate speed from EDR-reported RPM
  • Sillo, M.; Cami, D.; Del Cesta, F.: Using CDR in an actual vehicle accident reconstruction case: data validation, exploitation and comparison with respect to the PCCrash approach

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

  • Schmidt, M.: Analytical determination of threat detection points at cross traffic and peripheral objects
  • Kuranowski, A.; Unarski, J.; Kowal, M.: Effects Of High Voltage Electric For The Vehicle. The detection of the presence of pedestrians in blind spot of the truck drivers
  • Del Cesta, A.; Del Cesta, F.: Exploiting image-based colorization of point clouds in vehicle accident reconstruction: methodologies and reliability
  • Svaty, Z.: Photogrammetry-based Models of Accident Sites
  • Pfleger, E.: Identifying the causes of incorrect driving (wrong-way driving) based on analyzes views


Session 7

  • Wood, D.; Glynn, C.; Nishumura, N.; Simms, C.: Dynamic Response in Low Speed Rear Impacts and Inferences for Injury Potential
  • Kohut, P. et al: Deceleration of current generation of road vehicles during intensive braking and conditionality of accident quantities with respect to this parameter
  • Janczur, R.: Influence of bad balancing front wheel on steering system and car body vibrations
  • Florin, A.; Zuber, S.: Crashtest EVU Swiss

Session 8