Die C1 Sicherheitsentwicklung mit den Erkenntnissen aus dem realen Unfallgeschehen

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2002, pp. 197 – 201 (#7/8)

With the C1, BMW launched a new class of two-wheeler vehicle. Focusing particularly on comfortable, safe local travelling even in heavy traffic, the main target in developing this vehicle was an exceptionally high level of safety performance. The C1 is the first two-wheeler on the roads to be equipped with an aluminium space frame protecting the rider in accidents. Specially developed load-limiting safety belts and energy absorption elements mounted to the space frame protect customers particularly well. As a result, several countries have approved the C1 for use without a crash helmet. The ISO 13232 motorcycle crash test procedure was used during the development of the C1 with additional sled- and component tests being conducted to fully evaluate the safety concept. A new class of vehicle was thus created with unparalleled levels of rider protection.


Osendorfer, H.; Rauscher, St.; Goetz, Th.: Die C1 Sicherheitsentwicklung mit den Erkenntnissen aus dem realen Unfallgeschehen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 40 (2002), pp. 197 – 201 (#7/8)


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