Das Kraftschlußverhalten von Nutzfahrzeugreifen

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1998, p. 321 (#11)

Apart from economy, the specific requirements profile for the tyres of modern commercial vehicles also includes ride comfort and driving safety. This article focuses on the tyre properties crucial for driving safety, with the main emphasis on the adhesion behaviour of commercial vehicles. The influence of typical parameters such as wheel load, internal tyre pressure and tread depth on the lateral and longitudinal force characteristics of a commercial vehicle tyre is explained. In addition, the effects of the tyre-road adhesion on force transfer characteristics is discussed. The results presented are based primarily on measurements carried out on actual roads using a tyre measuring vehicle.


von Glasner, E. C.; Pflug, H. C.; Povel, R.: Das Kraftschlußverhalten von Nutzfahrzeugreifen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 36 (1998), pp. 321 – 326 (#11)


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