Dachdeformation und Unfallschwere bei Fahrzeugüberschlägen

Aus Colliseum
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1998, pp. 193 – 198 (#7/8)

Many types of car deformations, generated by rollover crashes, are known. A series of laboratory rollovers made evident, that there is no direct interdependency between the speed of the car before the rollover and the roof crush. Most of the kinetic energy of the vehicle is absorbed by friction between car and ground. In consequence, accident reconstruction should focus on analysing the sliding of the car. Biomechanical measurements vary only slightly. In particular, no significant influence of the body deformation can be found.


Friedewald, K.: Dachdeformation und Unfallschwere bei Fahrzeugüberschlägen. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 36 (1998), pp. 193 – 198 (#7/8)


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