Crashtests einspuriger Fahrzeuge

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2001, p. 243 – 250 (#9)
2001, p. 281 – 287 (#10)
2001, p. 332 – 338 (#11)
2002, p. 32 (#2)
2002, p. 92 (#4)
2002, p. 182 – 184 (#7/8)
2002, p. 286 – 291 (#11)
2003, p. 2 (#1)

Analysis of traffic accidents of two-wheeled vehicles is very complicated and it needs to have many input data. We arrange crashtests of two-wheeled vehicles, with standing or moving passenger vehicles, to ascertain the input data.
There are no trusty addictions to determine the impact speed and EES. Therefore, every crashtests is a big asset to traffic accident analysis. Crashtests, described in the article, were performed as a part of the 6th Anniversary Conference in Zilina (arranged by Institute of Forensic Engineering by the University of Zilina) and as a part of seminary arranged by DSD Linz (co-arranged by Institute of Forensic Engineering by the University of Zilina).
The technical apparatus, which were the crashtests provided by, is described in the beginning. Further on, all of the crashtests are described separately. Appreciation is done by traffic accident simulation programm - PC-CRASH, applying the motorbike model based on a solid body as well as the multibody system. (Dummy-applying multibody system)


Kasanicky, G.; Kohut, P.: Crashtests einspuriger Fahrzeuge. Verkehrsunfall und Fahrzeugtechnik 39 & 40 & 41 (2001 & 2002 & 2003)


Beschreibung von 17 durchgeführten Crashtests. Die Veröffentlichung ist auf 8 VKU-Ausgaben zwischen 2001 und 2003 aufgeteilt.

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